School Rules

With the intent to develop a professionals, this is to see that young people are prepared to enter adulthood having been brought up well and show the right values to the society around them, so there is also the intent of putting great effort into building student to have positive values recognizing traditions accepted by our society. Here are some rules that a student should abide .
  1. Be friendly to every one
  2. Do all your work diligently
  3. Be obedient
  4. Take care of properties
  5. Be  punctual
  6. Speak English all the time in school and the school bus except during Kiswahili lesson
  7. Wear a clean smart and correct school uniform
  8. Don’t wear Cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, wings and mult coloured hair decoration
  9. Don’t bring to school glass bottles, sharp object, gum, toys and valuable belongings
  10. Don’t stay in the classroom at break time unless the teacher allows
  11. Be good citizen
  12. Be responsible
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