HOPE MEDIUM SCHOOL has a school library that supports school programs as well as the teaching and learning process. School library serves learners by providing materials to meet their various needs and encouraging reading and the use of library. School libraries help learners to discover new things for themselves by independent studying and learning.



  I. Classifying and sampling books.

  II. Reminding students and staff to return books.

  III. Prepare statistics and lists of library users.

  IV. To assist library users on how to locate different library materials.

  V. To listen to the needs of students and staff, to guide learners how to use library   facilities.

  VI. To ensure that the library is supplied with the necessary materials.

  VII. To advise the school authority on better use of the library.

  VIII. Receiving books fom pupils/staffs, Processing new books and  Dusting shelves.

  IX.To guide the learners on how to use library books and To keep the record of library   materials.

X. To prepare timetable for the learners.

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